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Lamborghini Countach Wall Art

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Rich guys that love cars, and love art, have all the fun! Take for instance Richard Moriarty from Newport Beach, CA – his idea of decorating a wall might cause a few gasps when you first enter the room, but hey – we like it!

According to the LA Times today:

Getting the Lamborghini into the house took about an hour, but the project was conceived months ago, when architect Fleetwood Joiner began designing Moriarty’s new home, $2-million worth of steel-and-concrete that will overlook Newport’s Back Bay when construction finishes later this year.

“This was one of the original ideas for the house,” Joiner said. “The skylight was designed to fit the car.”

Joiner has installed offbeat elements in previous mansion projects — including indoor rifle ranges, bowling alleys and a 28-foot-high interior waterfall — but the Lamborghini is “one of a kind,” he said.

The car will hang over a solid glass staircase leading to Moriarty’s wine cellar. The car will also plug into the home’s electrical system so its inside lights can be switched on.

Read the whole thing and see more pics here.

Asked if he was satisfied with the mounted “art” Moriarty replied:

“I want to stencil some tire marks on the wall,” he said. “Seriously.”

Wow! What can we say?

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