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Classics For Charity XIII – Beverly Hills Cars Shine!

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Yours truly was fortunate to have a good friend take him to this years Classics For Charity XIII car show and silent auction, put on by the Beverly Hills Education Foundation on April 9th to benefit public schools.
race Ferrari
Held at and around the Beverly Hills Mercedes dealership, the featured vehicles took up three large parking lots plus the entire dealership showroom with an awesome display of vintage iron, important race Ferraris and some really quirky stuff, from the Munster’s movie roadster to our Governator’s Hummer H1 with Terminator stickers. Oh yeah, Governor Schwarzenegger made his appearance along with entourage and some serious looking guys with big guns!
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Being hosted at a Mercedes dealer, especially one in Beverly Hills, it was not surprising to see all the great classic Three-Pointed-Stars on display.
Gullwing engine bay
Gullwing fitted luggage
You gotta love that fitted luggage! Then there was a fabulous 600 sedan. Check out one of the 60’s best interiors, a great place to take-care-of-business!
Mercedes 600 interior
Oh yeah – there was some impressive American iron there, too. Like this Chevy SS, along with GTOs, hot Ford Fairlanes and a stray Olds or two.
Chevy Chevelle SS convertible
A couple more shots of that Ferrari racer shown up top:
Ferrari race car
Ferrari race engine

One of the most amazing vehicles there was the 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom | Aerodynamic Coupe by Jonckherre. It was in the showroom and I couldn’t get great pics of it, but those round doors, with opposite moving round glass, the looooooooong length and magnificent paint and chrome showed why it is a concours-winning showpiece!
1925 Rolls
1925 Rolls Phantom round doors
1925 Rolls Phantom
Can’t show them all here, but you can see more at the BTG Motoring image gallery. Just click on “Shows” then “BH Show ‘06″.

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