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Coachbuilt Cars for a New Millennia

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In the July issue of Motor Trend there is an interview with Henrik Fisker, designer of the BMW Z8 roadster, former director of advanced global design for Ford and former director of design at Aston Martin. Starting from Scratch introduces the new Fisker Coachbuild LLC – in Newport Beach, CA – where Henrick and business partner Bernhard Koehler, also formerly of BMW and Ford, are working toward a September 13th introduction at the Frankfort International Auto Show of their first limited production model.

Although many have tried, and mostly failed, to bring their own individual interpretations of amazing, beautiful automobiles to production status, we wish them well. With all the homogenized, everything-coming up-to-a-medium-high-standard of dullness by the major manufacturers – yes, even the Germans – it’s time for high-concept coachbuilt designs to be seen again.

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