GM’s Gary Grates Let’s It Loose!

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Well, you have to give GM lots of props for standing tall against what they perceive as unfair treatment by the press, ie the LA Times. At the GM corporate blog, Fastlane, Gary Grates, GM North America Vice President, Communications, explains their actions in pulling all corporate advertising from the Times last week, and gives us insight into their attitudes toward criticism, both positive and negative. It’s a long post and well worth the read, here is just a taste:

We were one of the first companies to establish a blog where our executives could express their opinions in their own words, unfiltered by anyone else, and hear back directly from enthusiasts and others interested in what we do. Bob Lutz has stated repeatedly in this forum that criticism is welcome, and we’ve published a good amount of it, along with the praise.

But neither do we think that any business should remain mute when it sincerely believes it has been treated unfairly or attacked by reporting that is unsupported by facts and unrelated to reality. It is extremely rare that we take the kind of action we did with the Times, but it is fully within our right to spend our advertising dollars where we see fit.

We anticipate having more to say once the Times reaches its own conclusions, and we’ll share that with you here when the time comes. Until then, acting in good faith and out of respect for the Times’ process for dealing with such issues, we will opt to not add fuel to the media fire.

Guess we’ll wait for the Times’ ombudsman’s decision and see where the General goes from there. Now it’s really getting interesting. You know the old adage about exposure. Wonder why Ford hasn’t stirred up a fuss with someone to get their press freebie?



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