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Bob Lutz’s Field of Dreams

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In his latest FastLane blog post, Field of Dreams, Bob Lutz reveals some of his personal automotive-business history and also announces that a great new era of car design is upon us. Go there and see the pic of the Kadett he turned on its back while he was at Opel in the ’60s! Lutz is truly an industry icon, and those of us that are rooting for GM to finally and completely get its act together wish him all the best. He wraps up by saying:

It makes it a very exciting time to be in this business. Because we’re getting
back to what it’s all about: Building the stuff that dreams are made of.
OK, I’m dreaming of RWD, 400+ HP, 4-seater, IRS, under $40K & great looks — Bring it on, Bob!

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