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Not Just a ‘One Trick Pony"!

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Ward’s Auto World
reports today that the executives at the Chrysler branch of Daimler/Chrysler are determined to keep the hot buzz going for the 300C and it’s stablemate at Dodge, the Magnum.

Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, Chrysler Group says it already is pursuing derivative options for its LX rear-wheel-drive platform, including a possible stretched version.

The auto maker vows it will not repeat the mistakes made with the Chrysler PT Cruiser, which was an initial hit that commanded long waiting lines for delivery to which Chrysler over-reacted by adding production at a second plant in Graz, Austria.

“We don’t see the 300 as a one-car wonder. It’s not going to be like the PT that was strong only a few months,” says Eric Ridenour, executive vice president-product development at Chrysler Group. …”

300C Convertible Show Car Interior — SEMA ‘04 (photo by ABDesign)

We certainly hope that Chrysler follows through with its plan to offer more variations of this dynamic and exciting platform. A convertible and/or a limo would be great places to start! For those of you lucky enough to already own one, here is a high-flow 300C intake system to consider, and here is a cool stainless steel 300C exhaust system!

My hat’s off to Chrysler for its bold interpretation of the classic “Big American Car"! I just hope that GM steps up and brings out some new affordable product with this much style and in-your-face attitude, and that they do it soon.

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