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Happy 50 Years to Car and Driver Magazine

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I’ve been having a great time reading the latest Car and Driver, their 50th Anniversary Issue, packed with 60 additional pages of reminicences and profiles of C/D writers, editors, photographers and artists who have made it the premiere automotive themed periodical of its time.

My first introduction to C/D was the August 1968 issue, and it was great! I had even started collecting back issues, filling in the years before 1968, while I still lived in Tulsa, and while I had “free” storage at my folk’s farm. But several moves getting ready to come out to Caleefornea, (sorry Arnold, you’ve had a rough 24!), caused all these to be given to the Coweta, OK public library. My next set of issues ended up being given to the Art Center College of Design library, when I made the move from Altedena to Santa Monica. Now, the recycle bin gets ‘em.

If you have any interest in cars or driving, I would urge you to pick up this one on the newstand while you can. I think I’ll keep mine around for a little while.

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