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New Xenon Body Kit for the Dodge Charger

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Xenon body kit for the new Dodge Charger

Xenon has just released its newest fantastic body styling kit, and this time it transforms the 2006 Dodge Charger and R/T into an aggressive looking beast! To go along with wild front and rear fascias are side skirts and side moldings, a three piece rear deck spoiler and from their GTS line, headlight/taillight blackouts and window vent guards for all four side windows.

Dodge Charger GTS headlight blackouts

BTG Motoring has them and are shipping on order. If you have a Dodge Charger, don’t miss out on this one!


New Xenon Body Kit for Chrysler 300, 300C & 300 SRT-8

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Just released and available from BTG Motoring is Xenon’s fantastic new body kit for the 300C. As you can see from these pics of Southern California 300C owner Dane Taylor, the designers and craftsmen at Xenon outdid themselves on this one!

Xenon 300C body kit

We know that Dane is totally stoked, because he told us so, and so will anyone that enhances the look of their 300C with this kit.

Xenon 300C body kit

Xenon offers these items: 300C replacement front fascia, a front air dam, rear window spoiler, rear deck spoiler, side skirts, hood scoop and a rear valence with dual exhaust openings, or you can get all these in 4, 5 and 6 piece body kits, depending upon what model of Chrysler 300 you have.

Chrysler 300 C xenon body kits

See them all at BTGMotoring.com.


Keystone Restyling Reborn

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We’re proud to announce that Keystone Restyling, one of BTG Motoring’s premiere lines of aftermarket hoods, has joined forces with the manufacturing giant Core Molding Technologies (CMT) of Columbus Ohio. CMT has steadily grown its marketshare in the FRP market and now enjoys relationships with every major North American-based truck manufacturer and leading companies in other segments including the ever growing aftermarket for custom products.

The major changes include the technology used in manufacturing their hoods. The majority of aftermarket hoods available today use the antiquated spray-up/chopper gun method of composite production. CMT employs wet layup of true fiberglass "cloth" which results in a much superior, incredibly stronger final product. Finish times for the installer are therefore minimized as there is much less cleanup and surface prep before final paint and installation.

Keystone Restyling hoods take full advantage of this technology. Their product line includes applications for Chevy, Dodge, Ford and GMC truck lines plus Acura, Honda and Mitsubishi passenger cars. Order fullfilment times have been streamlined by this new alliance and product is now shipping upon demand.

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