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New S4/RS4 B7 Exhaust by LaBree Motorsports

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BTG Motoring is proud to announce the release of the latest/greatest T-304 stainless-steel exhaust systems for those performance beasts, the 2005.5 – 2006 Audi S4 & RS4 B7s.

LaBree Motorsports exhaust for the B7 Audis

What makes these so special is the attention to detail by LaBree, with all flanges machined flat out of 3/8″ cold roll steel to mate perfectly, even without gaskets, and the 2.5 inch mandrel-bent tubing is professionally TIG welded to the flanges on the inside which are then ported and polished for maximum flow with minimal turbulence.

LaBree machined flanges -- ported/polished for maximum flow

The level of LaBree’s craftsmanship can be seen in these downpipes:

LaBree Motorsports downpipes

Proud owner J. Giritlian already has his LaBree system installed and has sent pics to BTG. We know that he is styling and now we can’t wait for some sound clips and trap time results from him!

Audi B7 exhaust by LaBree

You can see the LaBree Motorsports downpipes and back/half muffler systems for Audi B7 at BTG Motoring’s special LaBree section. Don’t miss out on the special Group-Buy-Pricing that continues through April 30th or until the group-buy quantity runs out!


The A3 – Audi Gets It Right!

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Dan Neil’s “Highway One” column this week in the LA Times (reg. req.) reinforces this author’s opinion that Audi has a winner in its new A3 model, just released this month for the U.S. market.

Audi’s timing couldn’t be better. The German prestige brand is bringing the five-door hatchback version of the A3 — a compact premium car, for the purposes of pigeonholing — to the U.S. market just as our Rabelaisian appetites are starting to get the better of us.
The Europeans learned long ago not to measure prestige by the yard or ton. What I propose, in a time of general belt-tightening, is that there is a certain cachet in appropriateness.

The Audi A3 is everything you might want in a premium car, only less.

There’s lots between those opening and closing lines, so register (it’s free) and read it all. Congrats, Audi! A job well done. Ford has nothing like it . . . Poor old GM, this is what the G6 should have been.


BMW’s 1st Qtr. Profit Falls, 3-Series Changeover Part of Cause

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According to Reuters, the slide in BMW profits this first quarter of ‘05 is less than was expected, so things at the home of the Roundel are actually looking up, a little. Everyone on the Old World side of the pond are hurting from the strength of the Euro and at BMW, the actual cost of rolling out and promoting the new 3-Series is still not known. (Now that’s odd. Over here the marketeers would know that number to the second or third decimal point!)

BMW’s first-quarter pretax profit fell 4.6 percent, the world’s largest premium carmaker said on Tuesday, as the weak dollar and the changeover in its key 3-Series car dragged on its core automotive result.

BMW reaffirmed though that it expects earnings this year to roughly match its record 2004 result, helping soothe investor fears after rumors of a profit warning surfaced last week.

Earnings before taxes declined to 812 million euros ($1.05 billion), compared with an average Reuters poll estimate of 834 million and 851 million euros for the first quarter last year.

“Significantly higher raw material prices, currency factors and increased competitive pressure all had a negative impact during the first quarter 2005,” the company said in a statement.

Even though “BMW remains one of the most fundamentally solid companies in the industry", world stock markets have not gone out of their way to reward BMW’s stock. As per Reuters, even though BMW stock trades at 10 times estimated earnings, it is still surpassed by Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen stock.

Another thing that BMW, and the rest of the world’s automakers need to fear – the Audi A3. I just took a good look at that product and it is fantastic. Hot Avant styling, a really well integrated version of the new Audi grill, tons of room and space utility inside and a TT inspired interior design theme. At $30K fully equipped, what’s not to like? To graduates of ‘05, the hot tip is A3!

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