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Where Will Maserati Go?

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One of the stories in today’s online Automotive News involves Ferrari spinning off Maserati. (subscription required to read story)

Ferrari to spin off Maserati in preparation for its IPO

Hoping to improve its balance sheet, sports car maker Ferrari is expected to approve Monday the spin-off of its loss-making Maserati luxury sports car subsidiary to Fiat group. The move is seen as a preliminary step toward an initial public offering of Ferrari shares later this spring.

What might this mean to us on this side of the pond? A couple of possibilities are:

  • Future Maseratis would be engineered by Fiat or Alfa instead of Ferrari.
  • Maserati and Alfa would get combined and spun off as a luxury-sports group to stand on their own.
  • VW could come back into the picture and get Maserati from Fiat to have access to the new Masser’s alloy body platform.
  • GM could agree to the forced buyout of Fiat now that it would get Maserati, too.

Who knows? Guess we’ll see if Mr. Goodwrench is going to have to learn Italian!

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