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Lexus SC430

One of my least-liked luxury sports cars has been this Lexus SC430. I know that it is supposed to be refined and powerful and quiet — quiet? Well, for the well-heeled that values luxury over sports, and wants a retractable hard top plus, in this league at least, a bargain to boot, the SC is the Lexus offering. Still, seems like a “chick” car — at least with the OEM disk-style wheels.

The reason that I’m showing this one is that the spoke-style wheels transform this SC for me visually, making it much more attractive. It still has odd proportions, more boat-like than automotive, but the original OEM wheels made that all the more apparent, whereas these give it some panache. At least that’s my opinion.

And, not too overboard on the wheel diameter either — nice ratio of wheel to tire here. Looks like it might actually ride OK and last past the first tiny pothole — Cool!



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