Chrysler Nixes the Firepower

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Chrysler Firepower

Every once in a while an absolutely gorgeous show car appears on the circuit that looks all to producible, and which the company seems determined to bring to market. Great looks, fantastic performance potential, a corporate flagship to be super proud of — except that when you’ve just lost 1.5 billion smackaroos in the last reported quarter, a super-duper flagship that doesn’t share components with any other production vehicle is just not going to be on the to-be-produced slate.

Chrysler Firepower remarks:

“We’re not doing Firepower,” Trevor Creed, senior vice president-design, says. “We just couldn’t find a viable way to do it.”

Reeling from the effects of bloated inventories, which led to a $1.5 billion third-quarter loss and an internal drive to shave $1,000 per vehicle-production cost, Chrysler is refocused on profitability.

Against this backdrop, the auto maker has said no product will enter its pipeline unless it has realistic profit potential. This approach killed the Jeep Gladiator concept earlier in the year, which debuted alongside the Firepower at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

And it even caused the Dodge Challenger concept – a can’t-miss product in the eyes of most industry observers – to undergo rigorous scrutiny before the auto maker declared it would build the muscle car in 2008.

Dodge Challenger

The Challenger is still a go — Guess we will just have to be thankful for that!



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