Every once in a while an absolutely gorgeous show car appears on the circuit that looks all to producible, and which the company seems determined to bring to market. Great looks, fantastic performance potential, a corporate flagship to be super proud of — except that when you’ve just lost 1.5 billion smackaroos in the last […]

Ward’s Auto World just announced this year’s winners of its annual 10-Best Engines competition, and not a GM motor among them! BMW, Daimler/Chrysler and Ford should be happy campers with two awards each, and boy is that Nissan V6 something, or what? A winner each and every year since Ward’s began this event 13 years […]

Hot Wheels Blog saw this wild Hummer H1 at SEMA last month.

Today we were told by our sources at Airforce One Performance Industries that they supplied a custom-engineered stainless steel intake system for this very special ride. A project vehicle for The Learning Channel’s show, Overhaulin’ which features designer/hot rod creator Chip Foose and his […]

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