Here’s a good one — Chrysler is green lighting the Dodge Challenger.
Chrysler to announce plans for new Challenger
The Chrysler division of DaimlerChrysler AG is expected to announce on Friday a new Dodge Challenger coupe styled and named after the automaker’s 1970s muscle car, The Wall Street Journal said.
The V8-powered Challenger won’t be sold until next […]

Or would this end up like Chrysler, with the biggest of the big three foreign owned. Either way, this is interesting! From Automotive News today: (registration req.)
Kerkorian proposes GM, Renault-Nissan alliance
Investor Kirk Kerkorian is advocating an alliance of General Motors and Renault-Nissan, according to a securities filing.
In the filing, Kerkorian says that the Renault-Nissan […]

Renting a Chevy Malibu in Oklahoma

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Last weekend I spent at least 6 1/2 hours in a Chevy Malibu rented from Hertz. Although a completely unremarkable car as far as looks are concerned — not ugly, not pretty, not designerly . . . just not much of anything, it did get me there and back without incident. But, for a rental, […]

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