Lamborghini Countach Wall Art

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Rich guys that love cars, and love art, have all the fun! Take for instance Richard Moriarty from Newport Beach, CA — his idea of decorating a wall might cause a few gasps when you first enter the room, but hey — we like it!

According to the LA Times today:
Getting the Lamborghini into the house […]

New Jeep Commander Reviewed

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Mark Tapscott reports on his test of the new 7-seat Jeep Commander on his blog, Tapscott Behind the Wheel, and guess what — he thinks that Jeep owners are going to like it!
My Commander Limited 4X4 tester was liberally equipped, with just about every option available short of the Hemi. At $41,530, the high-line Commander […]

Just released and available from BTG Motoring is Xenon’s fantastic new body kit for the 300C. As you can see from these pics of Southern California 300C owner Dane Taylor, the designers and craftsmen at Xenon outdid themselves on this one!

We know that Dane is totally stoked, because he told us so, and so will […]

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