Well, you have to give GM lots of props for standing tall against what they perceive as unfair treatment by the press, ie the LA Times. At the GM corporate blog, Fastlane, Gary Grates, GM North America Vice President, Communications, explains their actions in pulling all corporate advertising from the Times last week, and gives […]

In the Fastlane blog post Sharpening Focus, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz explains the recent corporate reorganization at the top instituted by GM Chairman Rick Wagner, wherein Wagner is taking over responsibility for all of No. America, and Lutz is being moved to be the head of product development worldwide. Now, actually this is old […]

Finally, a state with some brains and the stones to stand up to the hysteria of the “safety extremists”! Good going, Virginia. From TheNewsPaper.com:
On Wednesday, the Virginia legislature adjourned for the year without taking action to reauthorize the state’s red light camera program.
Virginia’s decision was prompted in large measure by a state Department of Transportation […]

In this AM’s Automotive News email wrap up and in the online edition of the Los Angeles Times it was announced that General Motors is suspending ALL advertising in the LA Times over what it calls “factual errors and misrepresentations in the newspaper” according to a company spokesman. AN goes on to say: [Reg. required]
GM […]

A little over a week ago business pages in newspapers across the country, as well as trade rags like Automotive News and consumer mags like Autoweek all ran stories about GM’s Co-Chair Bob Lutz’s statement that depending upon future sales results, the General might actually “kill-off” either Pontiac or Buick. This week on his GM […]

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