A week ago I saw my first Mercedes CLS on the street, and I have to say it was the most exciting vehicle that I have seen in a long time. Gliding past my position, it was super elegent, sexy, powerful looking - everything that a mid-60K priced sedan (sorry, 4-door coupe) should be.
At Autoweek.com, […]

Cadillac has chosen the winner in it’s 5-Second Movie contest, and the winning flick is “Tuesday”, a short (no kidding!) biographical film whose maker will now receive a new CTS/V for his effort.
You can see the four finalists, some of the other entries, and a very cool website here. Congratulations to the winner. I’m just […]

In his blog post today, A Cadillac for Europe, Bob Lutz announced that the new-small Cadillac, the BLS, will have its European launch within the year. Then he went on to make this statement:
This vehicle, the Cadillac BLS, is about bringing the right products to the right markets, and doing it effectively and efficiently. It […]

Life is full of strange quirks of circumstance and one of mine has been many times to be only a couple of days away from being in the same city as a major auto show. This has happened in New York, Chicago and the cruelest of all, Geneva. Five years ago I missed the opening […]

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