Michelle Malkin brings to our attention that WNBC.com in New York has posted an anti-SUV story this morning. Read the wording carefully. This is not the first time the major news media has attacked SUVs and it surly won’t be the last.
Man In Wheelchair Struck, Killed By SUV In Bronx
Police said 41-year-old Juan Jimenez was […]

One of the stories in today’s online Automotive News involves Ferrari spinning off Maserati. (subscription required to read story)
Ferrari to spin off Maserati in preparation for its IPO
Hoping to improve its balance sheet, sports car maker Ferrari is expected to approve Monday the spin-off of its loss-making Maserati luxury sports car subsidiary to Fiat […]

We should all have such a problem! One of our good buds is wanting to get away from his tricked out GS400 (chipped, big brakes, lowered, cat/back, yadda, yadda) and go with something a little more Western this time. An STS-”V” would be perfect, but that’s not available until the end of the year and […]

[Welcome Fastlane visitors! Take a minute and read our story on Cadillac and then let us know which performance car you would recommend to our friend.]
I am a long time Pontiac enthusiast and was encouraged today to discover on Bob Lutz’s Blog, some insight into the marque’s immediate future. Seems like there is a lot […]

If you’ve been to any of the major car shows these last few years you might just wonder “What the heck is going on at Cadillac”? Even their TV commercials are aggressive and feature Led Zepplin tunes. I mean, Cadillac is an old man’s car, right?.
Well, times do change, and so has Cadillac. At the […]

Hello world!

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