Business as usual in Germany? I think not.
FRANKFURT, GERMANY - In a nation where a handshake can launch a deal and business is considered a noble calling, scandals at some of Germany’s largest companies have brought embarrassment to a corporate culture proud of its honor system.
Allegations and admissions of bribery, corruption and misdeeds have surfaced […]

Finally, a state with some brains and the stones to stand up to the hysteria of the “safety extremists”! Good going, Virginia. From
On Wednesday, the Virginia legislature adjourned for the year without taking action to reauthorize the state’s red light camera program.
Virginia’s decision was prompted in large measure by a state Department of Transportation […]

Let’s say you have a pang of conscience, or are just tired of huge gasoline bills, and go out and spend the extra dough on one of these new hybrid cars or SUVs. Now you are getting significantly better gas mileage, aren’t spending your kid’s college money at the pump, and generally feel better about […]

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